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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a sacred space for children to grow in.  In my eyes, you are the bargain of the century.  You offer so many gifts and helped my son in developing his.  You will be greatly missed.  Merci une mille fois."Meagan S., June 2012

"Where do we begin?  Thank you!  You are amazing! You have changed our lives forever!  We will miss you lots but you have touched our lives forever. Thank you for helping our children grow so much."  Linda B.June 2012

"This Montessori school is so much more than your average preschool, daycare or child care center.  You just have to go and see for yourself.  The education this school provides is unlike any I have ever seen.  Heather brings out the best in every child."  Lynn K., 2013

"I can not speak highly enough of The Happy Children's Montessori School. My daughter just finished her third year with Heather. She has grown in so many ways. Heather has shown her that she is capable of doing so much more than she ever thought she could do. She is more than ready for 1st grade in her academics. The small class size and personal attention that the children receive is amazing. This school goes beyond just that, however. Heather instills in the children such a sense of self-confidence and quiet capability that most parents are completely astonished by what their children can accomplish. I taught kindergarten for seven years in the local school district, yet I am dumbfounded by what these Montessori kiddos are able to accomplish. I would strongly encourage any parent to meet with Heather and see for yourself what an amazing place of learning this truly is." Nayoko E., 2013

"Heather expects a lot of her students, but never more than they can achieve.  She is able to see every attribute as a strength and to help the child (and often parents as well) to learn to work with their strengths to gain success. She sees children as people, as learners, and as contributors in their world. She truly loves each and every one of them. Even though she is sad at the parting, it is as if she is letting a bird off to fly - confident that they can and proud of their hard work." Susan C., 2008

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