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The Happy Children’s Montessori
Daily Routine

8:45 A. M.  Children arrive and are greeted at the door.
                   Group time(5 to 10 min.) or straight to work
8:55 A. M.  Individual and small group work time
                   Individual and small group lessons
10:35 A. M.  Straighten or clean up work
                     Group time -Songs, Bible verse, Calendar, Grace and Courtesy and/or
                     Special Theme
10:50 A. M. Play in playroom or outside
11:20 A. M. French lesson and songs/ Sharing Day is Wed.
11:30 A. M. Dismissal or wash hands for lunch, prepare lunch spaces, pray, eat
12:15 P. M. Lunch clean up (This depends on the child.  Some clean up sooner and some
                    clean up later).  Group or individual looking at books/story or games or
12:30 P. M.  Dismissal

**** Please Note- All of the above times are “ish.”  It depends on the feel of the day as to the exact times.


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Contact Information: heather@happychildrensmontessori.com or 503-693-6531

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