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I can not speak highly enough of The Happy Children's Montessori SchoolMy daughter just finished her third year with Heather. She has grown in so many ways. Heather has shown her that she is capable of doing so much more than she ever thought she could do. She is more than ready for 1st grade in her academics. The small class size and personal attention that the children receive is amazing. This school goes beyond just that, however. Heather instills in the children such a sense of self-confidence and quiet capability that most parents are completely astonished by what their children can accomplish. I taught kindergarten for seven years in the local school district, yet I am dumbfounded by what these Montessori kiddos are able to accomplish. I would strongly encourage any parent to meet with Heather and see for yourself what an amazing place of learning this truly is.

Nayoko Evers

Life changing. The best preschool and kindergarten. Not just academics, but life skills, and social courtesy. (With success!...A place like this actually exists?) Our children are able to learn so many things at their own pace in a loving and peaceful environment. The teacher is amazing with the children. We wanted our slightly shy, yet jumping and active, always wandering, waiting for something "fun" son to be ready for kindergarten. We were so impressed, we decided to keep him there to do kindergarten! He is much more focused and confident (still jumping and active...but at more appropriate times). Then, we couldn't wait to send our strong personality, ever so independent daughter there to learn ASAP! Now she is much more directed and challenged than directing and challenging. :) The changes in both of them are extraordinary! (Thank you Heather!) They are able to learn so much more than you'd expect in such a short school day. I highly recommend this school. Our lives have changed for the better thanks to Happy Children's Montessori. The Montessori methods are great, of course. But it is the teacher (and her assistants) that makes them Happy Children.

Tammy LeClair

Outstanding montessori education. All 4 of our children have started out at Happy Childrens Montessori School. They received a great education in a loving and caring environment. Heather Keizur is a wonderful and passionate teacher and she creates a warm and friendly atmosphere where children can explore and learn to their potential.

Incubator for our future leaders .... My daughter was a student at Happy Children's Montessori and she had a wonderful experience which I am sure she will carry along for the rest of her life. The school is small and provides 1:1 attention to each child. Children are truly treated as treasures and allowed to be independent and learn at their own pace -- the most important fact is that every child understands that learning is fun; and that comprehension sticks with them forever. Heather and her staff are the best. And they keep graduating students who will be our future leaders.

Couldn't be happier with this school!. Our two daughters are currently enrolled at Happy Children's Montessori and it's one of the best decisions we've ever made. First off I am a firm believer in the Montessori methods so I did plenty of research on places for our daughters to attend. After visiting several places I knew HCM was the right fit. Heather is a wonderful teacher! And Kaycee, the other teacher here, is just as wonderful! Together they make a great team. They really take the time with every student and move at the pace that each child is comfortable with. Since starting here our girs have learned how to read, they have acquired great behavioral skills, and have learned many practical life skills. Our girls can't say enough positive things when they come home from school! We are very impressed and know we made the right decision!

It is so hard to put into words my thoughts about Heather and the Happy Children's Montessori school. It seems difficult to put words with feelings that can only be felt by being a part of this family. That's what this is. I look forward to each and every day my children share in this classroom. They learn much more than academics. They learn to become individuals who can show their feelings. Being a parent it is always so hard to trust your children in the hands of another, but Heather has my full trust in her capabilities to teach my children, to love them and to grow with them. I know my children are safe and loved as if they were her own children. Heather is the gentlest soul I have ever met. She not only teaches my children but I also learn from her as well. Heather and Vilma are hard to find gems. 

From a personal experience we were losing our minds. My son had suffered many illnesses and allergies and had severe behavioral problems from these instances. We were pulling our hair out. We were at a point to start to medicate him with prescription medication to give us our sanity back. We happened upon a number and I decided to call. I had only heard a little bit about Montessori education. When I heard Heather's voice I knew something was wonderful about her. After meeting her she seemed so positive that Tyler could fit in her school and that she could work with him. In my head I thought this was not possible. I thought he's going to give her a run for her money. Well I was wrong; my son became someone completely different. He became happy and calm. He learned many things and became able to follow directions. He did a complete 180 and without Heather and her tactics I don't know were we would be if she hadn't come into our lives.

Tiffany Hollman

I became acquainted with The Happy Children's Montessori in 1998, when my son was 3 years old. I had no idea at that time what a wonderful and life changing adventure we were embarking on. I now have three children and all have gone to Heather's school - one is currently enrolled. Although we have all tried (myself with much ferver) to have Heather keep our children in Kindergarten indefinately, I will be saying "good-bye" as a parent to her in a couple of years.

Heather expects a lot of her students, but never more than they can achieve. She is able to see every attribute as a strength and to help the child (and often parents as well) to learn to work with their strengths to gain success. She sees children as people, as learners, and as contributors in their world. She truly loves each and every one of them. Even though she is sad at the parting, it is as if she is letting a bird off to fly - confident that they can and proud of their hard work.

I have always thought of Heather as me "at my very best." I have never had any doubt that it has been one of the best gifts I will ever give to my chidlren - perhaps that I will ever give them. I have given my children the gift of love in themselves and in learning. They have the knowledge of success and the condfidence in themselves that comes from knowing success.
Susan Carrillo

Leah, our daughter started at Happy Children's Montessori when she was 3.5 years old. This was her first school and she had never been in a school or day care before.

Happy Children's Montessori transformed Leah into a confident student curious and ready to explore new ideas. Her exposure to Language, Geography, Math, Art and Music combined with encouragement and appreciation from her teacher, sparked great interest in her. She also learned to be organized and systematic. Happy Children's Montessori has a good mix of children of all ages. Leah learned to be compassionate, kind and helpful to younger children and seek help from older children.

When it was time for Leah to start at her Elementary school, she was fully prepared and the transition was smooth. Her teachers are very impressed with her conduct and skills. Happy Children's Montessori fostered a strong sense of independence, respect for teachers and fellow students, confidence to try new tasks and be successful, and enjoy every bit of school life.

We, as parents are extremely happy that Leah had the opportunity to start her school days at Happy Children's Montessori. What she learned there will be the strong foundation for a long series of success in her future.

Vilma and Ganesh Ventkatesan






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